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100% Organic cotton paper (10 sheets blister)

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  • 130 g/m²

Blisters of 10 sheets of paper made from Organic Cotton Colours cotton spinning waste that certifies its sustainable origin and production. The color is the natural of the cotton flower: raw, brown and green.

With a nice touch, they are very suitable for printing, writing and drawing.

OCC guarantee

*Below you will find more information about the interesting work of Organic Cotton Colors!

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These papers are made with cotton from the spinning remains produced by Organic Cotton Colors (OCC), a company with a solid social and environmental commitment. The OCC stamp guarantees the sustainable traceability of this cotton from the seed to the transformation into pulp to make paper:

- No intermediaries or exploitation: 450 farmers and their families are just as much a part of the project OCC.

- Non-transgenic seeds. 100% reliable: our growers separate the seeds themselves. The farmers keep all the seeds for replanting or for feeding the animals.

- Eco-friendly agriculture that is respectful of human and animal biodiversity (we do not use insecticides). Fields worked with animals, free from polluting agricultural machinery.

- Biodynamic growing practices: the farmers also grow other organic foodstuffs for sale or self-sufficiency such as millet, beans, peanuts, sesame, palm, castor oil, cucumbers, etc.

- Total control of the whole cycle: growing, spinning, weaving and manufacturing. A completely pure and biodegradable fabric.

- Cotton only with the natural colors of the plant: the cotton without chemicals or whitening is born with a multitude of colors, such as raw, brown and green!


Organic Cotton Colors farmers in Brazil

Data sheet

Composition100% organic cotton Occ guarantee
ColourRaw / Brown / Green (natural colors)
SizedNeutral sized in mass
Neutral pHAcid free (age resistant)
DryingNon-forced drying
PressingCold pressed
SurfaceSmooth grain
EdgesFour deckled edges
Grammage130 g/m2